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Ilze Preisa's painting is an invitation to beauty, life, and art, that brings new energy which has nothing to do with matter but shines with a supernatural light.

/Simona Scopelliti, Art Historian,Venice/


This is an invitation to get acquainted with the artist Ilze Preisa and her work. Let the love of art charm you and take you on a magical journey into the world of colours, fragile beauty, positive emotions, strong characters and life-changing inspiration.


Ilze Preisa is a Latvian artist, born in Riga and raised in a family of artists.  She graduated with Honours in Fine Art at the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) in 2002 and studied at the Berlin University of the Arts  (Hochschule der Künste Berlin, HdK).


Ilze has had more than 40 solo exhibitions in her home country and abroad, in places such as Riga, Melbourne, Berlin and Stockholm. She has also participated in more than 140 group exhibitions.

The paintings of Ilze Preisa are multi-layered works, in which different antique and modern characters and symbols, textures and smooth surfaces, modesty and luxury, all freely coexist. Her paintings reveal their mysteries little by little to the patient viewer.

"Referencing the events that occur around us, I paint characters of the mythical world, giving them new shades. The symbols I use in my works can also be included in geometric shapes and arranged in a certain order; they form a new story.

The works are created in many layers, long-lasting, where each detail or symbol has meaning.

The beautiful - sometimes even the aching Beautiful - is important. It is a deliberately chosen artistic form that attracts the viewer and invites them to take a deeper look.


Art is my means of communication with the spectator."

/Ilze Preisa/ Project Art and Science/


Ilze’s uniquely feminine paintings are exhibited internationally in many museums and private collections:

Arsenal (the national collection of Latvia State museum), Latvia

Art Museum Omsk, Russia

Matti Miliuse art collection, Tartu, Estonia

Luciano Benetton Art Collection Imago Mundi,

Private collections in New York, Berlin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Monaco, Luxembourg, Brussels, and Stockholm.

She also cooperates on a permanent basis with the Kempinski Riga Hotel.

Staging in Spain. Ilze Preisa cooperates with EMERALD  Coast Property S.L., a real estate agency in Spain, Costa Blanca, creating unique pieces of art for its clients’ homes. 

Let’s surround ourselves with such values and allow art to change our world!


"Las obras de Ilze Preisa son una invitación a la belleza, vida y arte, que trae nueva energía que no tiene nada que ver con la materia sino con una luz sobrenatural."

/Simona Scopelliti, Histroriador de arte, Venecia/

Ilze Preisa es una artista letona, nacida en Riga y criada en una familia de artistas. Se graduó con honores en Bellas Artes en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Letonia (LMA) en el 2001 y estudió en la Universidad de Bellas Artes de Berlín (Hochschule der Künste Berlin, HdK).

Ilze ha hecho más de 40 exposiciones en solitario en su país de origen y en el extranjero, en lugares como Riga, Melbourne, Berlín y Estocolmo. También ha participado en más de 140 exposiciones conjuntas con otros artistas.  

Las obras típicamente femeninas de Ilze son expuestas internacionalmente en muchos museos y en colecciones privadas:
Arsenal (la colección nacional del Museo del Estado de Letonia), Letonia.
Museo de Arte Omsk, Rusia.
Colección de arte del Matti Miliuse, Tartu, Estonia.
Colección de Arte Luciano Benetton Imago Mundi,

Colecciones privadas en Nueva York, Berlín, Oslo, Copenhague, Mónaco, Luxemburgo, Bruselas y Estocolmo.

La artista también coopera de forma permanente con el Hotel Kempinski Riga.


Las pinturas de Ilze Preisa son obras de múltiples capas, en las que caracteres y símbolos antiguos y modernos, texturas y superficies pulidas, modestia y lujo, coexisten libremente. Sus obras revelan sus misterios poco a poco al paciente espectador.


‘STAGING’  de la propiedad en España. Ilze Preisa colabora con EMERALD Coast Property S.L., la inmobiliaria en  España, Costa Blanca, para crear obras de arte para los hogares de su clientes.

Rodeémosnos de tales valores y permitamos que el arte nos cambie el mundo!

Ilze Preisa

Short & Simple Title

Artist at her Studio

Magic Fish with Pearl

acrylic / canvas

30 x 30 cm, 2018

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